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title: "Accounts deleted in this trimester"
date: 2021-06-06
# Accounts deleted in this trimester
I have decided to share the list of accounts I deleted in the last three months from major platforms and the reasons behind it. Let's get started!
- (1): weak moderation policy; harassment; privacy issues
- (3): temporary accounts to contact an artist
- (2): drive accounts that were awaiting migration to Nextcloud
- (1): useless account
- Mega (4): useless accounts
- Twitch (1): useless account; privacy issues
This year hasn't seen that many accounts deleted. Considerable changes appeared back in 2016-2017 when I started to take privacy matters a bit more in consideration.
Now the only major accounts left are two YouTube ones and a Google Drive one (awaiting migration to Nextcloud) but those should be removed by the end of the year.
I'll see you next time!

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title: "An honest review of the Apple M1"
date: 2021-04-04
# An honest review of the Apple M1
Recently, I've got into my hands one of the latest MacBook Pro M1 from Apple. As you may know, I've never been a big fan of Apple products, often saying those were overpriced pieces of crap.
Well, surprisingly, this machine changed my mind as it is basically astonishing to see how well it runs for an ARM-Based processor. In this article, we're not gonna talk about benchmark (because I mainly find those irrelevant) but rather of everyday usage in my job (back-end developer).
First, this thing is fast, everything you open is near instant and that may be thanks to the damn 3G SSD.
Surprisingly, everything runs as it was an x86 processor, Rosetta 2 being completely transparent to the user and loosing very little performance at the end. Anything can run on it that is software (Renoise for instance) or even games (Minecraft being the most famous example).
I was also surprised by the performance of World of Warcraft which is surprisingly native to the M1 (good job Blizzard).
Other applications like IDEs are running smoothly without any hiccups and now, most of those are actually M1 native like the JetBrains suite or Visual Studio Code. On the side of custom packages, Brew works as expected without problems and the major part of software will install without a problem. Compilation times are also more than generous (very fast) on projects I am working on. The only bad thing I see is the Docker support that is still a bit junky, but it is being fixed at the moment.
Battery life is another good point of this machine as it can hold a complete day without needing to be charged (08:30 to 23:00). For comparison, my ThinkPad T430 I got in April of last year barely passed the 2 hours mark.
In the end, Apple Silicon machines are looking very promising, given software providers start to support ARM correctly. Apple made the bet that they could switch to an ARM-based CPU, and they've done it correctly.
I'll see you in three months to see if that positive review still holds.

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title: "Infrastructure change"
date: 2021-05-22
# Infrastructure change
Greetings everyone!
As you may know if you are in channels sourrounding me, I finally stepped up in my self-hosting quest and got a home server to host all my stuff myself.
In the past week, as I got this new machine, I started moving my different services and sites on it (which is fully done now), so sorry if it was a bit laggy or just completely down for some time.
Now, the next goal is to get the hardware required to make mass storage possible, which I hope will be possible over the next months.
In other news, [I have a small Matrix room to talk about this blog](, so don't hesitate to join!
I'll see you next time!

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title: 'New blog engine & Random stuff'
date: 2021-03-24
# New blog engine & Random stuff
Hey everyone, I've changed the blog engine again. Why? Well, frankly, I don't even know myself.
Maybe with the recent changes in my life (as you may know, I moved to Finland) I needed to change some things around here.
I was browsing the awesome-selfhosted list on GitHub when I saw the blog engine named “Ghost” which looked way more refined than anything I could ever do with Hugo or Spip so let's give it a spin!
Furthermore, on a minor note, I changed the server, and I'll be starting to migrate services such as the Gemini websites soon to the new hardware! Of course, you will be notified when it happens.
P.S: the sign-up feature of this website is broken, do not try to use it. Also, for some reason, it wants to make people pay.
P.S again: removed it completely :)