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# Welcome to my website!
## About me
Hey there, I'm Jae Lo Presti, I was born in the mountains of Savoy but I'm currently living in Helsinki (Finland).
I mainly do code and sysadmin but i also like to meddle in networking as I operate <span class="in">[AS211696](/as211696)</span>, and, on my free time, I operate a bunch of public services.
I also happen to write a bunch of software that you can find on the [ Gitea instance](
All the content in this website is under the CC BY-SA 4.0 Jae Lo Presti license (unless stated otherwise).
My contact options are:
- [](matrix:u/ - Matrix ([](matrix:roomid/; Matrix room)
- []( - XMPP ([](; XMPP room)
- []( - email ([PGP Key](
Matrix will likely get you the fastest response tho I read and respond to every single query (as long as they're not spam). Use email in last resort if you really don't have anything else as it's not the best protocol out there (the email server used by <span class="il"></span> is hosted by myself so nobody can snoop on it).
## Public Services
All the services listed are Open-Source and hosted by myself.
- [Piped]( - A privacy YouTube frontend that can play age-restricted videos
- [NTFY]( - A pub-sub notification service
- [LibReddit]( - A privacy frontend for Reddit
- [Reddit Account Search]( - Search everything about a Reddit account
- [Nitter]( - A Twitter privacy frontend
- [Keyoxide]( - An Open-Source alternative to Keybase
- [PrivateBin]( - A private pastebin software
- [ProxiTok]( - A Tiktok privacy frontend
- [SearXNG]( - A meta search engine
- [Wikiless]( - A Wikipedia privacy frontend
- [Rimgo]( - An Imgur privacy frontend
- [Excalidraw]( - Draw diagrams easily within your browser
- [Hydrogen]( - A lightweight Matrix client
- [SimplyTranslate]( - A privacy frontend for translation software
All services are provided free of charge; logs are kept at a minimum (or completely disabled when possible) and no analytics software is used. Everything is also hosted so it is available on single-stack IPv6 networks. If you see any abuse being done on those services, please notify me by Matrix, XMPP or email.
If you are looking for social instances (Mastodon) or a chat server (Matrix), take a look at [TeDomum](

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title: "Help me"
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# Help me!

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