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Jae Lo Presti 3 months ago
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@ -13,6 +13,12 @@ Now, for some context: I recently got laid off my old job due to financial reaso
I setup a [LiberaPay profile]( so people can donate in all transparency (profile that will be disabled at the end of the situation).
Following lots of demands, a XMR address is available:
> 89Q77DjuayTdMLorT2VLuuZrzkyf9xtTJJEq48zgPTWPDA98gmt2ehb5qSEuVf2RHm1R87m8pC9L48JMpFEqatvT2TqK9u8
Keep in mind XMR isn't practical for me. Also, other cryptos will not be supported.
Thanks a lot for understanding!
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