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Jae Lo Presti 7 months ago
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Signed by: jae
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@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ The <span class="il">2a12:4946:9900::/40</span> prefix is used for user tunnels
The legacy prefix <span class="il"></span> is rented (and really expensive) and will stop being announced on <span class="il">2024/01/31 12:00:00+03:00</span> due to the cost of and work of maintaining legacy resources. The only worry for this big migration is concerning federating services such as email, Matrix and XMPP where IPv6 support varies widely from server to server.
On the legacy prefix, the <span class="il">.1</span> address is ***always*** used for user tunnels. If you receive abuse from this address, please contact me at the abuse address under.
Contact info is:
- []( - Abuse report