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# An honest review of the Apple M1
Recently, I've got into my hands one of the latest MacBook Pro M1 from Apple. As you may know, I've never been a big fan of Apple products, often saying those were overpriced pieces of crap.
Well, surprisingly, this machine changed my mind as it is basically astonishing to see how well it runs for an ARM-Based processor. In this article, we're not gonna talk about benchmark (because I mainly find those irrelevant) but rather of everyday usage in my job (back-end developer).
First, this thing is fast, everything you open is near instant and that may be thanks to the damn 3G SSD.
Surprisingly, everything runs as it was an x86 processor, Rosetta 2 being completely transparent to the user and loosing very little performance at the end. Anything can run on it that is software (Renoise for instance) or even games (Minecraft being the most famous example).
I was also surprised by the performance of World of Warcraft which is surprisingly native to the M1 (good job Blizzard).
Other applications like IDEs are running smoothly without any hiccups and now, most of those are actually M1 native like the JetBrains suite or Visual Studio Code. On the side of custom packages, Brew works as expected without problems and the major part of software will install without a problem. Compilation times are also more than generous (very fast) on projects I am working on. The only bad thing I see is the Docker support that is still a bit junky, but it is being fixed at the moment.
Battery life is another good point of this machine as it can hold a complete day without needing to be charged (08:30 to 23:00). For comparison, my ThinkPad T430 I got in April of last year barely passed the 2 hours mark.
In the end, Apple Silicon machines are looking very promising, given software providers start to support ARM correctly. Apple made the bet that they could switch to an ARM-based CPU, and they've done it correctly.
I'll see you in three months to see if that positive review still holds.

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# Housekeeping episode 1: The idea
Greetings everyone, today a chill post about an idea I just had (and yes, I know I haven't posted anything in some time now).
While waking up this morning, I had an idea: let's stop living in a complete mess of cables and actually organize everything, at least a bit.
Then during the day, little by little, I started removing stuff from my living room (that is also where my bed is since my apartment is quite little).
One of the most challenging things was to clear up the cable mess that comes with having multiple monitors and other stuff plugged in at all times.
This is where it started from.
And this is how it is as of now.
Quite the improvement, isn't it?
The plan, next, is to buy an IKEA shelve that I will place at the opposite side of the desk. A bed that I will be placed where the Lacks and the seat are in the pic (at the very back). All of this is from a confused drawing I did this morning to avoid losing the idea itself.
For the shelves, I decided to go with a Kallax from IKEA, which seems to be a great one for the price (we'll see that on the next post of this small series).
Furthermore, some friends suggested adding LED strips (Edit: white LED strips, RGB stuff hurts my eyes) at the bottom of the walls and in the corners of the room. I have yet to decide if I will do it because I have absolutely no clue on how to wire all of those things to make it work, let alone how to control it.
At least at the end, I think the result will be pretty nice looking and I will keep you peeps posted about it! If anyone has any idea on how I could improve all of that, please message me on Matrix ( or on the Fediverse ( and I will be happy to hear about your proposition!
I'll see you next time.

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# Server downtime, the post mortem
Hey everyone, as you may have seen yesterday, all services were offline for several hours after a maintenance concerning the disks of the current server.
I decided to replace one of the 300Gb disks for a newer 2Tb one from Seagate, which I bought brand new from Verkkokauppa. Near 13:00 UTC+3, I installed the disk onto the physical host and performed a clean installation of VMware ESXi.
Quickly, I realized something was wrong, the fans were louder than usual and the server was not shutting up after some time like it usually does. I then jumped into iLO and saw, the temperature reading of the disk which was at around 50C which was causing the fans to go as fast as possible (79% according to ESXi's sensors readings).
By security, I decided to shut down the server until the disk problem is resolved (and mainly because I couldn't sleep with all the noise it was doing).
Turns out... HP hardware doesn't like unapproved hardware to be attached to it. After some research, it turns out only a bunch of disk have sensors that register correctly with iLO. Luckily, one of those is a Western Digital Blue that was sold at Verkkokauppa, so I got one this morning, 2Tb as the disk before.
The new disk installed, the server is as quiet as before. All services are restored and back to normal as of now.
So, if you own an HP server and want to upgrade the disks, stay away from the Seagate ST2000LM015 and pick a WD Blue WD20SPZX instead (at least for my ProLiant DL360 G7).
I'll see you next time!

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# Stuff I use every day
Greetings everyone. Today I decided to share software programs and websites I use daily.
Websites and services (cross-platform)
ProtonMail — This is where my main mail domain is hosted, ProtonMail provides a solid and fast email experience with servers that aren't blocked anywhere significant.
Kagi — It is a new search engine that is currently in beta access and that aims to be private but also provide high-quality results. I have been beta-testing it for now some time and so good so far. At some point, I may do a special article on it when it releases.
GitHub — Of course, the largest website to collaborate on code, most of my work is hosted there.
Trello — The kanban board hosted by Atlassian, nothing much to say about it, only that it's really practical when working with a team to organize ideas and tasks.
Mastodon — This is my only real social network, where I sometimes post. Nothing much to say about it, it's microblogging.
KeyCloak — The solution I used to provide SSO across all my personal services.
Apex Ping — What I use monitor my apps and servers.
As you may know, the laptop I use (mostly for work) is a 2020 MacBook Pro M1.
CleanShot X — This program is a fancy version of ShareX on Windows, it takes screenshots but also allows you to blur, put arrows and generally modify the images before using them.
macOS 12 — This is the beta version of the next release of Apple's operating system. Nothing much to say about it.
TablePlus — I use this software to manage databases, backup them, restore them and most generally, execute actions on those.
Orion — It is the web browser made by the people at Kagi, based on WebKit, but with a twist: you can install Firefox and Chrome add-ons. As a (nice) bonus, it has no telemetry. This piece of software is also in beta at the moment I am writing this blog.
iTerm2 — Basically the best terminal emulator for Mac.
Visual Studio Code — The editor I use for everyday stuff, from Python to TypeScript. A version without telemetry exists and is called VSCodium.
Insomnia — It is a program made to debug, test, and make request to REST APIs.
Element — The best Matrix client out there.
Desktop (gaming rig)
This one is a generic gaming rig, so don't expect that much of a difference with other gaming desktops.
Steam — The biggest online video games retailer.
MultiMC — An easy and configurable Minecraft launcher that allows you to have multiple instances of the game easily.
HPE iLO — Used to manage my server instead of moving 5 meters and going there physically.
Element — (again) the best Matrix client out there
Mumble — An Open-Source and light way to talk to your friends.
This one is new this year. My server is an HP ProLiant DL360 G7 equipped with a dual Intel Xeon CPU X5670, 64Gb of RAM and totalling 5.61Tb of storage as of now.
ESXi — The hypervisor. It just works.
The router I currently use is a Mikrotik RB4011iGS.
RouterOS 7 Beta — The operating system for routers from Mikrotik.
I think that's enough for this time, I'll see you next time!

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# Accounts deleted in this trimester
I have decided to share the list of accounts I deleted in the last three months from major platforms and the reasons behind it. Let's get started! (1): weak moderation policy; harassment; privacy issues (3): temporary accounts to contact an artist (2): drive accounts that were awaiting migration to Nextcloud (1): useless account
Mega (4): useless accounts
Twitch (1): useless account; privacy issues
This year hasn't seen that many accounts deleted. Considerable changes appeared back in 2016-2017 when I started to take privacy matters a bit more in consideration.
Now the only major accounts left are two YouTube ones and a Google Drive one (awaiting migration to Nextcloud) but those should be removed by the end of the year.

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# Apple M1, three months later
Hello everyone. I've been using the Apple M1 for well over three months now and in my first article, I promised a follow-up so here I am! If you haven't read it, it is located here.
Well, surprisingly, the MacBook Pro M1 held on its promises. Even after heavy daily use for now more than three months, the battery is still spectacular and the performance likewise.
The software side has received few updates (not that much in comparison to what I had when I ran Linux) but those broke nothing so far and were totally painless (macOS lets you reboot when you want to).
Even though I may use that laptop way more than what is probably expected of it (goodbye sleep, I love having weeks of uptime), it holds without a problem almost any work I can throw it at.
Since the last article, Docker has finally come out on this platform and now works flawlessly. The biggest problem I encountered so far with my job is when trying to build the front-end of an app that uses yarn packages, the build fails (probably due to an outdated package or something?) but I don't give it much thought as front-end isn't my job.
What I also find frustrating on macOS is the fact you need to download Xcode packages to get basic stuff such as Git. Even though I don't use it, Xcode is bloating my drive on this machine.
To sum up, the M1 stays a strong machine, even after months of intensive use. However, the price tag starting at 1.5k euros is very high, even for a machine like that. So unless your company pays for it, or you are rich, don't buy one, keep your money to buy a ThinkPad (especially old ones) or any other laptop that may not have the same performance, but that will give you at least some degree of control over the software and the hardware of your machine. If macOS can be pleasant to use, it also has constant reminders of it being closed and restricted on everything.
That will be enough for today, and I'll see you next time!

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# Blog update
Greetings everyone! As you may have seen, the blog got a new skin (again) but this time, it will be more permanent.
I've decided to finally use a dark theme for this blog as I received several complains of people asking me to add one.
Also, you may have noticed, there is now a comment section under each and every post. logo
Mascot and logo of the software. It is a small cactus, smiling and holding a pen.
Those comments are powered by the software Cactus Chat that uses Matrix to provide a privacy-respecting comment section. It is very simple to add it on a blog and really easy to use (if you already been on Matrix before).
Among other things that changed, this blog also supports WebMention now, it is just a small bonus but I wanted to test it.
That is enough for today and I'll see you next time!

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# Server update
As you may have seen yesterday, the services were offline for a period of 30 minutes following a maintenance of the server that added 16Gt of RAM, bringing it to a wooping 64Gt of RAM.
The next interruption will be announced when it will be time to upgrade the storage (which will probably be done some time during next month).
I'll see you next time!

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# The case of accessibility
Hey everyone, as you may have noticed, the blog has seen lots of theme changes in the last days. Truth is, I thought I finally found the right theme for my blog some time ago, when I found this "Norlin" theme.
Only problem? People that wish to block JavaScript couldn't even see the content due to some stupid decisions on the theme maker's side. As mentioned by someone in the Blogger's Gathering Matrix room, it might have been the script that did the fade when loading the website.
First, as mentioned by someone else, you don't need JavaScript to do a fade, CSS is more than enough. When contacting the support for the theme, asking to see if something could be done, they explained to me that "JavaScript is required for this theme and cannot be removed" which is something I can't really accept.
If the theme is so much tied to JavaScript that it displays a blank page if you disable it or if there is an error in the said script, there is something wrong somewhere.
This is why I decided to remove completely the theme from the blog and install a new one, derived from the default terminal-theme and named jae-theme which is also Open-Source.
Unlike the old one, this one works even if you are blocking JavaScript and web fonts.
As much as I want a nice-looking blog, if it blocks users from seeing it, it doesn't feel right to me. I want my content to be available to everyone, for free, forever, without any filters.
I think that'll be enough for today!

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# Tor Support
Greetings everyone, today a post on the Tor support that just shipped on my services.
As you may have seen on my Mastodon, all major services now have a Tor address, which are: http://yrotq4focci5usml65pb6iqxfkhoer6y5rx2ldnlm3m7g56wyb4fvnid.onion/ http://zra5rukmfdg4cavftt2btll6nws2xdbt4qnhhx66zlm7ntf4s4v37xyd.onion/ http://v5grxpif5sefmek5jhua6i2xlcybjtqzs2qenxd6tqm3yzojsnp7qiyd.onion/ http://l7jbeg4peaifgg5omujpywnj545rqlswfyrb67x5noxtyqgmk37qzaqd.onion/ http://nxtov4ippcxqz2f2s545xah26xrovwua7wsj5jdimklq7rdea3vxbaqd.onion/ http://u3aha6t742jszn7ticayn6qfxuve574o3eysesvjpy7gpiv4ljb3ipyd.onion/
All services were migrated without a hiccup except for the blog which runs on Ghost. The software doesn't support multiple hosts and this was causing problems as it was trying to upgrade the Tor URL to an HTTPS one. The solution was pretty easy: create a mirror blog which uses the same database as the first one that only serves on the ONION address.
I will never block Tor, and having onion addresses is now the default on my host.
I'll see you next time!

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# New blog engine & Random stuff
Hey everyone, I've changed the blog engine again. Why? Well, frankly, I don't even know myself.
Maybe with the recent changes in my life (as you may know, I moved to Finland) I needed to change some things around here.
I was browsing the awesome-selfhosted list on GitHub when I saw the blog engine named “Ghost” which looked way more refined than anything I could ever do with Hugo or Spip so let's give it a spin!
Furthermore, on a minor note, I changed the server, and I'll be starting to migrate services such as the Gemini websites soon to the new hardware! Of course, you will be notified when it happens.
P.S: the sign-up feature of this website is broken, do not try to use it. Also, for some reason, it wants to make people pay.
P.S again: removed it completely :)

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# Infrastructure change
Greetings everyone!
As you may know if you are in channels sourrounding me, I finally stepped up in my self-hosting quest and got a home server to host all my stuff myself.
In the past week, as I got this new machine, I started moving my different services and sites on it (which is fully done now), so sorry if it was a bit laggy or just completely down for some time.
Now, the next goal is to get the hardware required to make mass storage possible, which I hope will be possible over the next months.
In other news, I have made a [small Matrix room to talk about this blog, so don't hesitate to join](!
I'll see you next time!

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# New Monmon stuff
Hey everyone, just a small post to say that two new Monmon pages dropped yesterday. If you are not familiar with those, it is a parody of Pokémon mainly made in and where drawing styles can change from one page to another.
Also, small disclaimer: the following texts may contain strong language for some people.
Of course, I'm not alone, it is made with a friend, Ray-Yami, don't forget to check out [their Twitter account](!
And that's all for today's episodes! The full series is available on [Mangadraft (in French)](
As you may have seen, I tried to complete ALT tags on this page, if you want to give some feedback, don't hesitate to join me on Matrix in my personal room ( or any common room we may already share.
I'll see you next time.

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# Moving forward
Greetings, small post today, nonetheless important.
TL;DR: I'm transgender, please use the she/her pronouns with me now.
Those whom know me AFK (away from keyboard) might have noticed some changes over the past year or so (since April 2021 to be more precise) and the reason for this might come as a surprise to some of you.
On April 28th 2021, I started a transition, but it was only the first step of a long journey.
Now that I moved on my own, settled in a place I can call home, I feel much more comfortable coming forward like this. Finally, getting a job at the start of the year acted like a catalyst through which I started to feel better.
Since I moved, I started enjoying small things again such as walking around where I live, eating a good homemade meal or just listening some music instead of surviving for the sake of surviving.
In the past few months, I met countless people which are now good friends, support me in any situation, and they are proving to me that improvement is possible.
My name is Jae and I am a woman.
So now the time to thank people for support:
Thanks to the French non-profit Fransgenre for supporting me and helping me to hold all those years.
Thanks to all the people who have been here physically (or not) to support me.
And most importantly, thanks to you for reading this far.
If you have questions after reading this, my direct messages are open on Matrix ( or any other platform (you'll already know how to contact me there then).
The journey is long, but the path is free, I'll see you next time!

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# 2022 Software
Hey everyone, it's that time of the year again, time to show what software I use every day.
First off, let's start with the OS. I mainly use ArchLinux x86_64 with the Linux-pf Kernel with some minor tweaking. As for the window manager/desktop environment, trusty XFCE4 is still standing after all of those years.
When it comes to the dev setup, I am using Sublime Text (with a legit licence for once) which is in my opinion one of the best editors out there. As for the terminal emulator, Kitty is in use with ZSH (& OMZ) and Starship for the prompt.
On the browser side, nothing really changed, Firefox is still the browser of choice. However, the search engine has shifted to Kagi as the search results are now more relevant than Google's on my search queries.
That's basically it for the software for this year, and I'll see you next time!
If you want to avoid missing any posts, don't forget to subscribe to this blog via RSS!

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# Going IPv6 only
Good evening all of you, in today's post, we're gonna talk about going IPv6 only.
First, let's remind ourselves what is IPv6. Wikipedia describes it as such:
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP) […] IPv6 was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to deal with the long-anticipated problem of IPv4 address exhaustion. IPv6 is intended to replace IPv4. In December 1998, IPv6 became a Draft Standard for the IETF, who subsequently ratified it as an Internet Standard on 14 July 2017.
So, the main points are:
IPv6 is intended to replace IPv4
But also other, other points not shown in that short introduction:
Say goodbye to NAT
2^128 addresses instead of 2^32
One big advantage of IPv6 is that you could give every living creature on this planet (Earth) billions of addresses and still have millions left to play with. This means that every device, that is phones, tablets, computers, servers and so on can have their own unique address.
Going IPv6 only is easy with MikroTik, just go into WinBox, IP → DHCP Client and delete everything there.
Now, first thing: configuring DNS servers.
I use DNSCrypt-proxy on my main machine, you can see the documentation for it on the ArchWiki. I use the `cloudflare-ipv6` servers.
Only problem: lazy websites that never bothered to use IPv6 (hello Slack and others, blaming their hosting platforms, that support IPv6 BTW, instead of moving their arses).
For that, during business hours (as my current work relies on Slack), I use the DNS64 server, which does its job wonderfully.
At the end, I don't feel I'm missing out on anything by turning off IPv4, only badly made software and websites break.
For the ones that are doing it correctly, that we use often is:
YouTube (Google has it natively enabled since 2012)
Cloudflare (even though they have far too many captchas for me)
GitHub (some domains such as `usercontent`, docs domain,
As for the bad students:
Slack, is lacking IPv6 and blaming it on others (screams for “won't do it, too lazy”)
GitHub (main domain still has no AAAA records but hopes in the future for it to be supported as subdomains have that feature)
The Steam store (not even a reply to the support ticket or any other issue opened on their GitHub)
Anyone that says, “IPv4 is fine”
Anyone that actively disables IPv6
Overall, it is a fun and interesting experiment, but also a sad one when seeing how many providers actually use it.
That's the end for today, and I'll see you next time!

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# uLauncher, my new friend
Greetings peeps, first, happy new year, I hope 2022 will be a good year for you!
Now, let's go on with today's subject: uLauncher which is in my mind the best application launcher around.
For the little backstory, I was trying to find OBS Studio in the horrendous default XFCE start menu (yes and as much as I love XFCE, I cannot use that damned menu). I then remembered that on macOS, we have that Spotlight search bar (that you trigger using CMD+SPACE) that has to be one of the most useful things.
I then started to search a bit around the web, only to find what I looked for: uLauncher.
Note: thanks to Cadence for mentioning the existence of Krunner and Kupfer that can fill out the exact same purpose.
Installing is effortless (at least on Arch) if you have an AUR package manager like Paru and is simply `paru -S ulauncher` (or `ulauncher-git` if you prefer to live on the edge).
After installation, a last `systemctl --user enable --now ulauncher.service` and you're all set, you can now try CTRL+SPACE to reveal the launcher and start typing.
Main window of uLauncher showing a search query for "OBS" and the results are (from top to bottom), OBS Studio, Tor Browser, Avahi Zeroconf Browser.
Sample uLauncher search.
But wait, there's more!
You can actually extend uLauncher with countless extensions which can do anything from calculating currencies to copying emojis. It is very random, but some of those are really useful.
uLauncher window showing a search for "pypi Flask-Limiter" and showing the results (from top to bottom): Flask-Limiter, limiter, Flask-Limiter-graphQL-support, wix-protos-limiter-limiter, rate-limiter, proc-limiter, sanic-limiter, requests-limiter, falcon-limiter, fps-limiter.
The 'PyPi' keyword can be used to search PyPi for packages, pressing enter will open the package page.
My current setup uses those extensions:
Weather Shows weather using the OpenWeatherMap API
PyPi Allows you to search PyPi for packages
Calculate Anything One of the most powerful extension that allows you to literally calculate anything from currency conversions to surface or pressure (will require you to run `pip3 install pytz pint simpleeval --user` before installing)
NPMJs Same thing that PyPi but with NPM
Folder Search Title
Emoji Allows you to search and copy emojis
Symbol Search Allows you to search and copy ASCII and Unicode symbols
In the configuration window, you will also find the search engine tab, which you can customize by bringing your own to it.
Search engine configuration tab where you can see Stack Overflow, Wikipedia, Kagi and DuckDuckGo.
The default search engines are Google, Stack Overflow and Wikipedia.
Well, I think that's enough for today, if you liked this article, you can subscribe to this blog via RSS.
Again, let me reiterate all my wishes of good health and happiness for this new year that is 2022.
I'll see you next time!