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The DN0Magik Minecraft auth & skins server


The goals of the projects are:

  • To create a Mojang-API compatible solution
  • Easily self-hostable
  • IPv6-ready
  • Integration with existing Minecraft skins
  • Fully Open-Source


  • Register (/api/v1/register)
  • Login (/authenticate)
  • Profile display (/minecraft/profile)
  • Token refresh (/refresh)
  • Status check (/check)
  • Sales stats (/orders/statistics)
  • Get active capes (/minecraft/profile/capes/active)
  • Get active skins (/minecraft/profile/skins/active)
  • Upload skin (/minecraft/profile/skins)


  • Skin API
  • AuthLib modification (for new authentication to work within the game itself)